Translation of "dasselbe" in English

German Dasselbe
English same thingsame
Jeder an meiner stelle hätte dasselbe getan. Play sentence
So shy. anybody in my spot would have done the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing. Play sentence
Hoffentlich kann ich eines tages dasselbe mit dir machen. Play sentence
And i hope to do the same for you someday. Play sentence
Ich möchte mal wissen, warum er immer dasselbe sagt. Play sentence
Why does he keep saying the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing all the time? Play sentence
Eine kerze auf einer bierflasche ist nicht dasselbe, oder? Play sentence
Candle stuck in the beer bottle isn't the same, is it? Play sentence
Alles, was sie sagen, läuft auf dasselbe hinaus. Play sentence
All that you say comes to the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing. Play sentence
Ich wollte dich gerade dasselbe fragen, julie. Play sentence
I was just about to ask you the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing. Play sentence
Wenn eine frau dasselbe tut, wird sie geächtet. Play sentence
A woman does the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing, and she's an outcast. Play sentence
Es ist immer dasselbe mit männern im ruhestand. Play sentence
It's always the same with men when they retire. Play sentence
Dasselbe wäre in benson oder huachuca geschehen. Play sentence
You'd have seen the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing in benson or huachuca. Play sentence
Es steht in allen dasselbe, nur in anderen worten. Play sentence
They all say the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing, but in different ways. Play sentence
Ich nehme an, ihr interesse an mir ist dasselbe. Play sentence
Your interest in me is the same, you know. Play sentence
Ist doch dasselbe, nur zucker ist gesünder. Play sentence
It's the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing, only sugar is healthier. Play sentence
Vermutlich dasselbe, was die weltraumstation gesprengt hat. Play sentence
The same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing that blasted the space station, i guess. Play sentence
Ich gebe zu, dass ich gerade dasselbe gedacht habe. Play sentence
I must admit i was thinking about the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing. Play sentence
Und dasselbe gilt für euch jungs in euren bezirken. Play sentence
And the same goes for you boys in your districts. Play sentence
Sei nicht traurig. ich hätte dasselbe getan. Play sentence
Don't be mad, i'd have done the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing. Play sentence
Dieselbe geschichte, dasselbe spiel, dieselbe masche. Play sentence
The same old line, the same old act and the same old hooey. Play sentence
Später, wird dasselbe in einer anderen stadt geschehen. Play sentence
Later, the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing would happen in another town, Play sentence
Sebastian, es war nicht dasselbe ohne dich. Play sentence
Sebastian, it sure wasn't the same without you, fella. Play sentence
Ja, aber ist denn denken und sprechen dasselbe? Play sentence
Then thinking and speaking are the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing? Play sentence
Und sie kämpften gegen siedler, die dasselbe tun wollten. Play sentence
Now they fought each settler who tried to do the same. Play sentence
Dasselbe am nachmittag, kunden herumführen. Play sentence
Same thing in the afternoon, showing customers around. Play sentence
Bei madame tussaud in london ist es genau dasselbe. Play sentence
The story's the same at madame tussaud's in london. Play sentence
Vielleicht hätte ich an stelle von dolochow dasselbe getan. Play sentence
Maybe i'd have done the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing in dolokhov's place. Play sentence
Ich täte dasselbe für sie, wenn so viel daran hängen würde. Play sentence
I'd do the same for you if it meant as much. Play sentence
Denn genau dasselbe ist mir heute passiert. Play sentence
Because, you know, the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing happened to me. Play sentence
Doch sie sind nicht dasselbe sie kommen und geh 'n Play sentence
But they won't be the same they'll come and go Play sentence
An meiner stelle würdest du dasselbe tun. Play sentence
In my place, you would do the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing. Play sentence
Wir essen dasselbe fleisch, trinken denselben schnaps. Play sentence
We eat the same steaks, drink the same bourbon. Play sentence
Und genau dasselbe tut reiting mit basini. Play sentence
Reiting's doing the exact same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing with basini. Play sentence
Wir spielen dasselbe spiel, spielen wir doch gemeinsam. Play sentence
We're in the same game, let's play together. Play sentence
Ich wollte gerade genau dasselbe sagen, j.b. Play sentence
I was just going to say the very same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing, j.b. Play sentence
Ich stecke im selben dreck wie sie, für dasselbe geld. Play sentence
I'm wallowing in the same mud you are, for the same buck. Play sentence
An dem tag von mrs. hodaks tod war es dasselbe. Play sentence
And before, the day mrs. hodak was killed, the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing. Play sentence
Da arbeiten wir wieder für dasselbe management. ja. Play sentence
Well, we're working for the same management again, huh? Play sentence
Vielleicht dasselbe, was aus meinem vater wurde. Play sentence
Maybe the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing that happened to my old man. Play sentence
Morgen wird es nicht mehr dasselbe sein, verstehen sie? Play sentence
It won't be the same tomorrow. don't you see? please? Play sentence
Jedes mal, wenn mutter mir schreibt, ist es dasselbe. Play sentence
Every time my old lady writes it's the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing. Play sentence
Komisch, ich dachte gerade dasselbe von ihnen. Play sentence
That's funny, i was just thinking the same+thing" rel="nofollow">same thing about you. Play sentence
Regulär, importiert, das ist alles dasselbe in grün. Play sentence
Regular, imported, it's all from the same bathtub. Play sentence
Translation of "wissen, dass" in English
German Wissen, dass
English know that
Dann muss ich wissen, dass du mir vertraust. Play sentence
Then i need to know that you have faith in me. Play sentence
Sie wissen, dass ich mir geld von giraud lieh? Play sentence
You know that money i borrowed from giraud? Play sentence
Wir wissen, dass nur die starken respekt verdienen. Play sentence
We know that only the powerful are worthy of respect. Play sentence
Natürlich darf er nicht wissen, dass wir verheiratet sind. Play sentence
Of course, he's not to know that i'm married to you. Play sentence
Sogar die kinder wissen, dass ich emily gaunt getötet habe. Play sentence
Even the children know that i killed emily gaunt. Play sentence
Sie sollen wissen, dass morgen wirklich kommen wird Play sentence
They must know that tomorrow is really going to come Play sentence
Aber wir wissen, dass er durch die tür gekommen sein muss. Play sentence
And we know that he came in by that door. Play sentence
Sie sollen wissen, dass ich es wirklich mit ihr versuchte. Play sentence
I want you to know that i tried to make a go of it. Play sentence
In diesem sollst du wissen, dass der herr gott ist. Play sentence
In this you shall know that the lord is god. Play sentence
Aber wir wissen, dass wir jetzt in schwierigkeiten stecken. Play sentence
But we do know that we're in trouble up here. Play sentence
Translation of "dass nichts" in English
German Dass nichts
English that nothing
Bitte überzeugen sie sich, dass nichts fehlt. Play sentence
Please see for yourself that nothing's missing. Play sentence
Die wissenschaft lehrt, dass nichts unmöglich ist. Play sentence
Science has learned that nothing is impossible. Play sentence
Dass nichts passiert ist, ist ein zufall. Play sentence
It's pure luck, that nothing had happened. Play sentence
Seid doch froh, dass nichts passiert ist. Play sentence
Stupid boys. be happy, that nothing else happened! Play sentence
Und sie wissen auch, dass nichts bewiesen ist. Play sentence
Then you also know that nothing is proven. Play sentence
Gebt mir euer wort, dass nichts passiert. Play sentence
I want your word that nothing will happen while i'm gone. Play sentence
Ich habe immer vermutet, dass nichts im leben zählt. Play sentence
I always suspected that nothing in life mattered. Play sentence
Eine schallmauer, die so dicht ist, dass nichts durchkommt. Play sentence
A sonic barrier so dense that nothing can get through it. Play sentence
Nein, ich hab nur gesagt, dass nichts passiert ist. Play sentence
I'm trying to tell you that nothing happened. Play sentence
Ein mann weiß, dass nichts beginnt, solange er schweigt. Play sentence
Man knows knows that nothing will begin unless he speaks. Play sentence